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Media Releases

PDF MEDIA RELEASE: Happy Whackin Jim McCrackin – 2013 Fringe Festival


• 11 X 17 Colour – Poster-McCrackin_Health_Nut-Fringe
• 11 X 17 Colour – Poster-McCrackin_Badass-Fringe
• 11 X 17 Colour – Poster-Standoff-Fringe
• 11 X 17 Colour – Poster-BradleyBishop_Gun-Fringe
• 11 X 17 Colour – Poster-Victoria_Legs-Fringe
• 11 X 17 Colour – Poster-McCrackin_Back-Fringe



Download Teaser Video File (720HD MP4)

Download Sizzle Reel Video File (720HD MP4)

Audio Clips

McCrackin-Finger or Toe

McCrackin-I have to pee

Jim McCrackin He Be Whackin

Happy Whackin Jim McCrackin | Tech Rider

Happy Whackin Jim McCrackin – Technical Requirements and Stage Layout

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