Battle for the Limelight

Accidental Humour Co participated in Battle for the Limelight on Sept 9th @ 1PM.  Thanks to your generous support, we met our goals. Still want to support us? Donate by clicking here:

Any donation of $20 of more will receive a $10 gift certificate for Famoso – so be sure to  leave us your mailing address on check-out so we can get you some tasty za!

But wait there’s more!

The battle for the Limelight is an amazing trial in and of itself, but we at Accidental think its even more fun if we make additional challenges for ourselves. So… if when we reached our goal this year we added the extra challenge of tricycles. That’s right TRICYCLES! Here’s how it went down:

Battle for the Limelight 2017 – The Accidental Avengers from Brent Felzien on Vimeo.

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2016 Battle For the Limelight Highlights

Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support fundraising for the he 3rd annual Battle for the Limelight.

Because we reached our fundraising goal, the team competed, as promised, with a handicap for each team member, something the other teams thought we were crazy for doing…14317417_1144096765667330_1924681216647662808_n

Kim Stadelmann, master stage manager, took on the competition practically deaf, Cliff Kelly, the Cowboy himself, competed completely blindfolded, Brent Felzien, the video whiz kid, had to be gagged and silent, and Will Banfield, Jim McCrackin if you’re nasty, was not allowed to use his hands to touch anything.

Wish you cold have been there to see it? Well we wanted to take you with us! So we stuck a camera on Willie’s Banfield body and recorded some highlights.

We here at Accidental Humour Co work very hard at our shows. We strive to create quality material that excites and entertains not only us, but our audience.Because we are a ragtag group of artists, we depend a great deal on the generous support of our sponsors and fans. We don’t do this because it makes us lots of money (because it sure doesn’t). We do it because we love it and we love to surprise and entertain you.If you are interested in sponsoring our latest show, please contact us. We are glad to take sponsorship in the form of donations or other practical investments. In return we can offer you advertising opportunities in both web and print materials related to our shows. Drop us a line! 

And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


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