Battle for the Limelight

The 5th Annual Battle for the Limelight

The Fifth Annual BATTLE FOR THE LIMELIGHT, Northern Light Theatre’s legendary foot race, scavenger hunt, and fundraiser benefiting the entire Edmonton not-for-profit community returns on May 25th. Participants race to Edmonton landmarks, find clues, complete challenges, solve puzzles, and then battle it out in friendly competition, while celebrating the Edmonton theatre season in this fun-spirited event.

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Accidental Humour Co will be participating for our fourth straight year, raising funds to support our upcoming Alberta tour of The Flying Detective, our brand new show premiering in late summer of 2019. This year, we’re looking for your support to help keep us out on the road and sharing our passion for innovative theatre with all of Alberta. Our goal is to raise $1500 to put towards a new trailer that can haul our set, costume, and technical gear to these gigs. This purchase is crucial to the future sustainability of the company’s touring costs, and provides safe storage of our set pieces… including a plane… yes, we built a PLANE.

All support, no matter how great or small, helps to make our theatre accessible not only in Edmonton, but to communities across Alberta, big and small. And, as we do every year, if we reach our goal our team will run in the Battle For the Limelight with an additional challenge/hindrance/ridiculousness to make the competition even more hilarious. Previous years have included running the race with sensory deprivation and riding children’s tricycles. This year is no different!

If we reach our goals, one or more members in our team of 4 will run the race wearing cardboard airplanes custom designed and hand-crafted by our in-house aviation “experts”.

May not be representative of the final product… but it probably will be.

If we reach $500 dollars, one member will be stuck in an airplane. $850 will get two planes. $1250 will get three flyboys/girl. And if you help us reach our goal of $1500, we will ALL run the race wearing cardboard airplanes!

But wait! That’s not all!

We have a series of high-falutin perks for our delightful donators. For as little as $10 you can get such things as…

$10 - The Don't-leave-me-hangin' Glider
A high-five or online shout-out from a core member of your choice!

Sponsor a race challenge location, we’ll send you a personalized compliment on the day of the race.

$30 - The Full-of-hot-air Balloon
Sponsor a race challenge location, we’ll send you a personalized insult on the day of the race.

$50 - The Cherry Bomber
Pie in the face! (A personalized video of a pie in the face of the AccHum member of your choosing). 

$100 - The Lead Zeppelin
Lip Sync Video Performance by AccHum members to a song of your choosing (15 seconds of chorus).

$200 - The Bi-Plane
Double Date with Cliff and Neil at DQ! You can talk about flying high while dive bombing a banana split!  


$250 - The Jumbo Jet

All previous perks plus tickets to opening night, and a game of grounders with the entire AccHum team!


Donate now by clicking the Paypal button below!

You don’t need a paypal account to donate, just a credit card.

Please put in your name, email address and PERK selection in the “Add a note” section to make sure we get it to you!

Any support is appreciated! See you on the starting line!


Monthly Subscribers

If you’re looking for another way to support us and want to join the exclusive club of Accidental Humour super fans, consider a monthly Patreon donation. As little as $3/month gets you in the club, but for a few dollars more you’ll get exclusive access to Accidental Humour videos and behind the scenes before anyone else as well as some fabulous sign-up swag! Click here for more details:

2017 Battle For the Limelight Highlights

Battle for the Limelight 2017 – The Accidental Avengers from Brent Felzien on Vimeo.

2016 Battle For the Limelight Highlights14317417_1144096765667330_1924681216647662808_n

Kim Stadelmann, master stage manager, took on the competition practically deaf, Cliff Kelly, the Cowboy himself, competed completely blindfolded, Brent Felzien, the video whiz kid, had to be gagged and silent, and Will Banfield, Jim McCrackin if you’re nasty, was not allowed to use his hands to touch anything.

Wish you cold have been there to see it? Well we wanted to take you with us! So we stuck a camera on Willie’s Banfield body and recorded some highlights.

We here at Accidental Humour Co work very hard at our shows. We strive to create quality material that excites and entertains not only us, but our audience.Because we are a ragtag group of artists, we depend a great deal on the generous support of our sponsors and fans. We don’t do this because it makes us lots of money (because it sure doesn’t). We do it because we love it and we love to surprise and entertain you.If you are interested in sponsoring our latest show, please contact us. We are glad to take sponsorship in the form of donations or other practical investments. In return we can offer you advertising opportunities in both web and print materials related to our shows. Drop us a line! 

And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


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