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You want to do something by accident?

Contact Accidental Humour Co directly. Our highly trained and courteous staff are standing by to make your next accident a humourous one.

For sponsorship inquiries, auditioning, or other general inquiries contact us at info (at)

If you just want to chat and tell us how awesome your cat is, find us on Facebook where we are always making time for friends and fans.


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Company Core Members

Kim Stadelmann

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Contact Kim with any general inquiries and event bookings questions.

Email: kim(at)


William Banfield

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Contact Will for all accounting-related questions.

Email: will(at)

Cliff Kelly

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Contact Cliff to discuss any sponsorship or partnership opportunities.
Email: cliff(at)


Brent Felzien

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Contact Brent for any marketing questions or if you are looking media that is not available on the website.

Email: brent(at)


Neil LeGrandeur

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Contact Neil if your looking for a good time.

Email: neil(at)
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