About the CO.

Accidental Humour Co is a collective of artists, actors, writers and dreamers based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Together they create hilarious, exciting and  innovative theatre shows that blend live-action antics with high-octane video projection.

Our History

Initially founded in Lethbridge, Alberta by a group of oddball University drama and arts students while at Dairy Queen, together they established their core missions: To eat ice cream and to build a play for the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Through hard work and determination, they were able to achieve half of their objectives almost instantly.

Three years later, they succeeded in the second of their foundation goals with the surprise debut For the Love of a Zombie, which became a sleeper hit at the 2009 Edmonton Fringe. With a clever mixture of B-Movie energy and live theatre sensibilities, Accidental Humour had sellout audiences of 300+ seats roaring with laughter and cheering with excitement as the zombie-horror genre was turned on its ear.

After three years of talking about doing it… and then actually doing it, the unexpected success of the half movie/half play completely floored the Co. They decided to follow up with another multimedia movie/theatre mash-up. And Happy Whackin’ Jim McCrackin was born.

A fast-paced send-up of action movies, Happy Whackin’ was a monumental success. Earning universal critical praise and a sold-out run at the 2010 Edmonton Fringe, it blew audiences out of their pants and into the pants of the person sitting directly behind them. Learning from the lessons of the previous show, the Co raised the bar for themselves. Happy Whackin’ was a marvel of multimedia timing, fight choreography, special effects and hilarious plot twists that cemented the Co. as a creative force in Edmonton’s theatre scene.

At this time, the Accidental Humour decided it was time to grow or die. They began to tour their shows outside of the Edmonton Fringe, working with the Calgary Public Library and the Sterndale Bennette Theatre to bring their unique brand of entertainment to Calgary and Lethbridge, AB. With an aim to build a regular touring schedule, the Co. has been working hard on their next step as a theatre company.

For their 2011 show, the Accidental Humour returned to the stylized genre with the western Cowboy: A Cowboy Story, a dusty romp through a wild frontier with gunfights, train robberies and shameless innuendo abound. Once again raising the expectations of themselves, the group worked with local Alberta businesses like Alberta Prairie Railways and EmTe Town, Alberta to craft a believable old west through generous location sponsorship and hospitality. Cowboy was a monumental undertaking in terms of creating a truly cinematic spectacle. Once again, the Co. did not disappoint, earning rave reviews and multiple sold-out runs inside and out of Edmonton.

Continuing forward, Accidental Humour returned in 2012 with their epic sword and sorcery show Son of a Dwarf! which they premiered in the historic Garneau Theatre, now operated by Metro Cinema. They have continued their relationship with Garneau as a perfect venue during the Edmonton Fringe ever since, typically premiering new work on the Garneau stage at the Fringe before taking it on the road.

From 2013-2015, the company decided to set their sights big with a return to the crazed action-thriller world of Jim McCrackin, and developed the three-year saga of The McCrackin Trilogy, that told the ridiculous full story of the hitman’s rise and fall. The Trilogy, made up of a remixed Happy Whackin Jim McCrackin, McCrackin 2: The Whackining and Release the McCrackin, saw Accidental Humour smash all their previous box office records and gain huge critical acclaim. It also saw the development a more expansive Alberta tour thanks to a partnership with Theatre Alberta’s “Picks of the Edmonton Fringe” tour stimulus package. Since then, they have continued the momentum and developed an ever-expanding touring circuit across Alberta.

Fresh off a successful 2016 re-mount of Cowboy: A Cowboy Story that saw the company book its most successful tour to date, and be nominated for its very first Elizabeth Sterling Haynes award for Best Direction of a Fringe Play, The Co. then brought a brand new show to the 2017 Edmonton Fringe with a titled THE SPARK written by Jeremy Mason, a hilarious, unexpected, and action-packed thrill ride through a world of superheros, villains, and the ridiculous characters that surround them.

In 2019 Accidental Humour Co. stretched their wings even further and created their first commissioned work; The Flying Detective by Brent Felzien, a high-flying re-imagination of a true Alberta story about the first aerial police chase in North America. Working with the Edson & Area Historical Society, they applied their unique approach to multimedia theatre to Canadian history for the first time to bring an unbelievable true story to audiences across Alberta.

What Does the Future Hold?

With success at their back and a blank screen in front of them, Accidental Humour Co has taken on a new mission: To create new and innovative multimedia theatre that bridges the gap between cinema and stage, and through that, tour and introduce live theatre to new audiences across Alberta. They are continuing to work with local businesses and artists to showcase talent and opportunity in Alberta through unique visual opportunities within their multimedia style of show, such as through location-shooting sponsorship and credit-roll advertising.

Artistically, our goals are to always top ourselves, always push the boundaries of what we can accomplish, and always come up with creative solutions for the otherwise insurmountable problems the first two goals create for us.

We are Accidental Humour and we hope you will taste our entertainment.

Wondering what opportunities we have for artists and sponsers? Get in touch with us now… or later.

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