Reviews for For The Love of a Zombie

4/5 Stars.

Our fascination with zombies never seems to die.

Every year, we’re treated to zombie flicks, zombie walks and in Edmonton, a Halloween festival devoted to the undead and other ghoulish creatures.

They’re also perennial fare at the Fringe. This year’s serving is a tasty (and unique) addition to the canon.

Part film, part play, For The Love Of A Zombie offers a ridiculously goofy spin on the genre — starring a vegetarian farm hand, a sweet country lass and her ornery and weed-obsessed grandfather, not to mention a few dead men.

Unlike the stereotypical Hollywood zombie, these guys have personalities and aren’t always fixated with feasting on humans. Larry is a former investment broker. Homunculus is a vulnerable horndog, played with ribald relish by Clifford Kelly. Junior is a lovable idiot.

Written by Michael Beamish and Brent Felzien and performed by Edmonton’s Accidental Humour Co., their gags hover between deliberate groaners and outright guffawers — the ideal laugh zone for zombies and successful satire.”

~Sandra Sperounes for the Edmonton Journal

4/5 Stars.

I’m hesitant to go into too many details about what happens in this horror-comedy, because half the fun is witnessing the absurdity of it all unfold unaware. Cleverly flipping between pre-recorded video and well-acted (if over-the-top) live performances, it’s the absurd story of a zombie love … rhombus? The laughs come easy, and while it’s certainly not high art, it’s a zombie love story, for god’s sake! How can you not like it? The sold-out audience at the performance I attended certainly did, so you may want to see about get your tickets soon.”

~Scott Harris for Vue Weekly

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