Reviews for McCrackin 2: The Whackining


5/5 Stars

“Jim McCrackin is a legendary hit-man in a legendary show that is unlike any theatre experience at the Fringe. McCrackin 2: The Whackining is a multimedia, action-packed comedy which uses multiple video screens that are blended into the performance on stage. Actors simultaneously interact with the pre-recorded film sequences behind them, as well as the live action on stage, with impeccable timing. Performers exit the stage only to immediately appear on screen; fight scenes are choreographed so precisely that McCrackin can combat bad guys both on stage and on screen. Watching McCrackin battle through multiple Mexican wrestlers and ninjas coming at him at every angle or running slow-mo down a hall, shooting his gun at unsuspecting minions is truly an amazing, hilariously intense thrill ride. This show is essentially Tarantino and James Bond movies done live—it is simply awesome and a definite must-see.”

~Chris Gee of Vue Magazine

5/5 Stars

“Fringe favorite Accidental Humour Co. is back with another film/theatre mash-up, McCrackin 2 The Whackining, an action-packed follow-up to last years Happy Whackin’ Jim McCrackin.

In this episode, professional killer McCrackin is in search of his infant son when a likewise deadly group of ne’er do wells captures and then enlists him to help pull off an impossible heist.

A hilarious spoof of and homage to the action movie genre, McCrackin 2 is another example of the sharply choreographed stage and screen interactions that are the specialty of Accidental Humour Co. Impressive fight sequences, pizza-scarfing lumberjacks, ninjas and poison darts are all in for good measure too– crowd-pleasers, every one.

Long time company member William Banfield is our hero McCrackin, playing opposite a fine (and fit) crew:  Cliff Kelly (man with a hook for a hand), Alex D. Mackie (man with laptop), and Janine Waddell Hodder (gal with a gun and some fancy fightin’ moves).

Offerings from Accidental Humour Co. have become a much-anticipated fringe favorite every year, and this show is no exception.  It’s a fantastic romp—completely engaging–and leaves the audience wanting more.  Mission accomplished for another year”

~Lucy Haines of Metro Edmonton


4/5 Stars

(transcribed from Global TV broadcast) “…and here at the Metro Cinema in the Garneau Theatre is the return of McCrackin. It’s McCrackin 2: The Whackining from the Accidental Humour Company, in the 3rd appearance from this character… Jim McCrackin, played by William Banfield is in search of the son he’s never met but to find him he must join forces with a shadowy group that needs the skills of this renowned hit-man to infiltrate the offices of the evil O’Rielly Exchange. It’s a multimedia production seamlessly blending live action and video, they’ve done this before with mixed results but this time, they have nailed it. Everything clicks in an acrobatic blend of humour, action and technical feats. Really enjoyed this production. Four out of five… terrific production from the Accidental Humour Company.”

~Todd James of Global Edmonton


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