Reviews for Son of a Dwarf!

4 / 5 Stars

“Son of a dwarf, William the Useless, is the unexpected “chosen one” in this hilarious fantasy production. The comedy unfolds as a naïve and awkward William is forced to man-up and save the world with a goat, two miniature Gnomes and a beautiful oracle as his sidekicks. The story is packed with charming, albeit ghoulish characters, each one adding just the right touch to create a truly wonderful production. Stage acts are spliced with film at perfect intervals and allow for handy special effects and more detailed scenes. All the elements work effortlessly to deliver a most memorable production.”

~ Tejay Gardiner of Vue Magazine

Son of a Dwarf: A Cinematic Theatre Experience

“Although it is not on the main Fringe grounds, taking in “Son of a Dwarf” at the Garneau Theatre offers something other shows at the Fringe do not possess: Cinema + Theatre. Under the direction of Kimberlee Stadelmann and Brent Felzien, the show highlights local Edmonton talent starring Murray Cullen, Willie Banfield, Cliff Kelly and Cari Russell.

The story structure is epicly formulaic in its own right and embraces hallmarks of the fantasy franchise. Saavy viewers will appreciate the fantasy and pop-culture references interspersed throughout the performance. The story begins when a half-elf child is cast out into the wilderness to be executed because his father realizes his wife had been cheating on him with the elf milk man. However, the executioner is thwarted by a passing Dwarf who later raises the child as his own. Meanwhile, the kingdom is ruled by the evil Raxbar and his evil Sentator Palpatine-like advisor, Zinephor. Thus, as the child matures, he realizes he is not the biological son of Titan, the Dwarf and he wishes to discover his true identity. Thus, begins a quest where he meets his mountain-man friend, Himli, and the nimble oracle archer, Sorento. Together they acquire talismans that will assist them on their journey while meeting an array of magical creatures along the way.

The most stunning part of this production in the seamless and innovative integration of the cinematic scenes projected on screens behind the stage. Oftentimes, a shot serves as the background for the on-stage action; however, there are moments where cinematic characters interact with the on-stage actors. It creates a diverse universe within the physical constraints of a standard stage, expanding the visual realm for the audience. Even the sound recordings matched the projected images to aid in sound localization of locations or characters. Some of the best parts were seeing the camera shots panning over the Alberta wilderness. Audience members could watch the characters trek across the rugged landscape as if it were in real-time. Plus, there was a training montage scene included in the story. No story of self-discovery and impending battle could be complete without a training montage! This performance fuses live theatre with cinema to create a unique visual showcase that should not be missed by Fringe audiences.”

~ miss. sable of Sound+Noise

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