Accidental Humour Co is a collective of artists, actors, writers and dreamers based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Together we create hilarious, exciting and innovative theatre shows that blend live-action antics with high-octane video projection. Audiences may recall such fringe hits as The Spark: A Hero Takes Charge, The McCrackin Trilogy, Cowboy: A Cowboy Story.

This year the Co. has set out on a new adventure to re-tell the tale of Canada’s first aerial police pursuit in a show dubbed The Flying Detective.  

Constable William Nixon is shot and killed in the line of duty. His friend, the brilliant Detective James Campbell, is driven to find the killer. But when the trail leads him far West into Alberta’s burgeoning coal trail he will need the help of Canadian aviation legend Wilfrid “Wop” May to bring a desperate and deadly foe to justice.

With our trademark mix of cinematic projection and eye-popping stage magic, Accidental Humour Co. will take you on a high-flying adventure filled with action, comedy, and heart.

The Co. prides itself on making our theatre accessible not only in Edmonton, but to communities across Alberta, big and small. Over the years our fall touring schedule has continued to grow, and due to that higher demand for our theatre performances, there has been the need to invest further in our abilities to safely store set, costume, and technical gear as we travel to the communities that want to enjoy the unique theatre experience we offer.  

This year, Accidental Humour Co. is looking for your support to help keep us out on the road and sharing our passion for innovative theatre with all of Alberta. Our goal is to raise $1500 to put towards a new trailer that can haul our set, costume, and technical gear to these gigs. This purchase is crucial to the future sustainability of the company’s touring costs, and provides safe storage of our set pieces… including a plane… yes, we built a PLANE.

You might be asking yourself “Well, sure, but what’s in it for me?” Well, currently we are participating in the 2019 Battle for the Limelight, an amazing-race-styled community fundraiser event. We have some fabulous perks if you are interested in helping sponsor us.

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