AccHumCast – Episode 05: Stettler Tourcast 2013

In this very special, and possibly last ever, episode of the Accidental Humourcast, the Co is on the road, not unlike a bat out of hell, from Stettler Alberta. With two stops on our Southern Alberta tour under our belt, we are heading straight to Medicine Hat for our next two shows. Along the way, they discuss how Cliff may have peed himself a little during the last show, how the Brent’s family may be some sort of farming mafia, and where in Stettler you can get a good hearty “screamer”.

Oh, and they also climb a windmill.

Check out the photos below if you don’t believe us, taken during the podcast recording!

Next stop, Medicine Hat!



AccHumcast - The Windmill "Road"

The “road” that we almost went down to get to the windmills.

AccHumcast - Windmill Group Selfie

The cast and crew of Happy Whackin. We’re on a windmill, motherf*cker, don’t you ever forget.


Brent is an artist and graphic designer based out of Edmonton.

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