AccHumCast – Episode 01: The Last Podcast We May Ever Make

The first, and more then likely, last episode of our new podcast. In it, we talk about our upcoming remount of Happy Whackin’ Jim McCrackin, as well as what’s going on in theatre in our circles. Also, Willie tells a story from his youth, Kim tells us what she thinks about her boyfriend’s mustache and Cliff and Brent get close on a motorcycle.

Also we talk about some local theatre that is going on and do some shout-outs to some of our friends doing some awesome stuff around the province. It all makes for a super good times.


Brent is an artist and graphic designer based out of Edmonton.

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One comment on “AccHumCast – Episode 01: The Last Podcast We May Ever Make
  1. Matthew Jahns says:

    Since I’ve heard laughter is the best medicine I have now started listening to your podcast almost two months after breaking my foot… and yes it’s made me laugh.

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