McCrackin 2 – 5/5 Stars from Metro Edmonton!

Killer Horizon-WatchingAnother reviewer gets their whack on! Lucy Haines of Metro Edmonton says:

“Fringe favorite Accidental Humour Co. is back with another film/theatre mash-up, McCrackin 2 The Whackining, an action-packed follow-up to last years Happy Whackin’ Jim McCrackin.

In this episode, professional killer McCrackin is in search of his infant son when a likewise deadly group of ne’er do wells captures and then enlists him to help pull off an impossible heist.

A hilarious spoof of and homage to the action movie genre, McCrackin 2 is another example of the sharply choreographed stage and screen interactions that are the specialty of Accidental Humour Co. Impressive fight sequences, pizza-scarfing lumberjaNow Youve Made Zis Difficultcks, ninjas and poison darts are all in for good measure too– crowd-pleasers, every one.

Long time company member William Banfield is our hero McCrackin, playing opposite a fine (and fit) crew:  Cliff Kelly (man with a hook for a hand), Alex D. Mackie (man with laptop), and Janine Waddell Hodder (gal with a gun and some fancy fightin’ moves).

Offerings from Accidental Humour Co. have become a much-anticipated fringe favorite every year, and this show is no exception.  It’s a fantastic romp—completely engaging–and leaves the audience wanting more.  Mission accomplished for another year”

5/5 Stars!


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Brent is an artist and graphic designer based out of Edmonton.

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