Rodney Cones: Colourblind P.I.

We here at Accidental Humour Co are constantly thinking about working to bring you new and exciting developments in the field of video comedy. To this end, we present to you a preview of our current webisode project that will be [hopefully] displayed at Mostly Water’s Metro Digital Shorts on March 27, 9PM at Zeidler Hall in the Citadel Theatre, downtown Edmonton, AB.

It will also [hopefully] be voted by the audience into a place of prestige by the viewing audience and we will be politely asked to submit another one. This will be our first Metro submission since our triumphant run with the Variety Show back in the days of yore. We’re trying something a little different now… but hey, enough talking about it. Why don’t you just take a look:

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Brent is an artist and graphic designer based out of Edmonton.

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One comment on “Rodney Cones: Colourblind P.I.
  1. Will says:

    But don’t fret all you out of town subscribers…. if we had any. Even if Metro cuts us short, we will still be making this wonderful web series. So stay tuned, ’cause things about to get gritty.

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