McCrackin 2 – 5/5 Stars from Vue Weekly!

Shadow DangerThat’s right! Chris Gee of Vue Weekly has been whacked!

“Jim McCrackin is a legendary hit-man in a legendary show that is unlike any theatre experience at the Fringe. McCrackin 2: The Whackining is a multimedia, action-packed comedy which uses multiple video screens that are blended into the performance on stage. Actors simultaneously interact with the pre-recorded film sequences behind them, as well as the live action on stage, with impeccable timing. Performers exit the stage only to immediately appear on screen; fight scenes are choreographed so precisely that McCrackin can combat bad guys both on stage and on screen. Watching McCrackin battle through multiple Mexican wrestlers and ninjas coming at him at every angle or running slow-mo down a hall, shooting his gun at unsuspecting minions is truly an amazing, hilariously intense thrill ride. This show is essentially Tarantino and James Bond movies done live—it is simply awesome and a definite must-see.”

5 / 5 Stars!

McCrackin isn’t messing around! Hurry! Only 3 shows left!




Brent is an artist and graphic designer based out of Edmonton.

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