Weekly Ticket Draw No. 4

Wham! Our 4th weekly ticket draw went down, as usual, last Thursday. And, as usual, we had an incredibly handsome winner. Who was it? Well, don’t delay! Watch it now!

AccHum – Weekly Ticket Draw 04 from Brent Felzien on Vimeo.

And of course, things continue to plug along behind the scenes. We are frighteningly close to a rehearsal draft of our script (thanks to Jer Mason who has been serving as writer on this one as well as Amos Altman who has lent us his formidable skills as a dramaturd.) As well, we are building some pretty insane props and costumes, some of which we will share with you in our always educational production diaries as we work towards our premiere.

But all this new-found awesomeness is not possible without your support. Thank you, those who have donated already. And those not yet… what’s the hold up? We only have a precious few more weeks left! Every penny helps! And the fabulous prizes don’t hurt either!

And don’t EVER FORGET!

Cowboy: A Cowboy Story

Coming to Stettler, Alberta on Wednesday April 25th, for ONE NIGHT ONLY.


That is all.

…for now.


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Brent is an artist and graphic designer based out of Edmonton.

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